(2019.12.04) Results of the contest of Referrals!

The contest Referrals! We thank everyone who participated, and prizes go to 5 winners:
1) joni - prize 1000000 gold
2) EnjoyTravel - prize 500000 gold
3) maximmarenov - prize 300000 gold
4) zeniaedu - prize 200000 gold
5) goldentea_5dbf4a72b7c55 - prize 100000 gold Together with cash prizes, we give the finalists of the contest VIP status, which will make the affiliate program even more interesting!

Immediately same are launching a new referals contest, which will last until 2020-01-06 15:30:02, the prize Fund of which is also 2100000 Gold
We also remind you that continues investors contest, in which it is not too late to participate, the results of the competition will be announced 2019-12-15 20:40:05 !